David C.


This was a newly built property with a very small outdoor space and left in the usual state by the developer, i.e. consisting entirely of subsoil of heavy yellow clay. The client did not have much time for Maintenance and was looking for a terrace large enough to enjoy outdoor meals and he also wanted a water feature. The space was heavily overlooked by surrounding properties and one corner was permanently in shade. Some appropriate Lighting was also wanted.

Design Solution

To overcome the subsoil problem, most of the beds were raised, using treated new softwood sleepers. All the grass was removed and the area paved diagonally to the house to create the illusion of a larger than actual space. This also served to divert the eye away from the awkward shape of the plot. Part of the dull brown fence was painted in a light grey/green to reflect the light, as the client was not sure whether he would like the colour. We are pleased to report that the client has since painted all of the surrounding fence grey/green. At the time of landscaping the client was not sure what fountain he liked, the base and tank was prepared and covered with pebbles/cobbles, ready to take a drilled boulder or other fountain head. The dark corner was visually, if not actually, separated from the terrace by a narrow trellis panel on either side and a trellis motif erected in front of the end wall. Some new trees had been planted in the neighbours' gardens close to our client's fence, which would ultimately provide some privacy. We added one more small tree on the client's side.


Heike, just a thank you from a very satisfied client for your lovely design and overseeing the ground work. I appreciate your input was more than expected. Some of my colleagues were asking if you had a website.

I have ended up with an instant garden, more than I hoped for. You are more than welcome to take pictures or use my recommendation. Once again, thank you.

David C