Elizabeth H.


The clients' property was surrounded by open countryside with some established hedges around the periphery for shelter. Unfortunately, directly in the sight lines was the top of the Klargester. This should be hidden without interfering with the view out over the Roding Valley. There was a requirement for two paved terraces, a pergola and other structures, a water feature, a swimming pool and paving right around the house. The Drive also needed to be re-designed

As it was a large garden, the client intended to employ a gardener. This allowed for some more exuberant planting while still keeping it fairly low maintenance.

Design Solution

To the south of the house was a small plot, separated from the main part of the garden where the original entrance to the house had been. As there was access from the living room via French Doors this was turned into an intimate court yard garden with a rill for a water feature. A pergola walk connected the court yard with the main part of the garden. There was a new border with a mix of shrubs and perennials around the periphery of the site, with 4 no. Hornbeam trees channelling the view out over the Valley. The Klargester was hidden from view by low level planting. Two beds were inset into the terrace by the kitchen, planted with 6 new Standard Holly trees and under-planted with lavender. A second terrace beside the swimming pool was surrounded by posts and beams to create the illusion of an outside dining room. The planting here peaked in July/September, the time when the pool was most used. The Drive was re-shaped and re-surfaced with golden gravel, with plenty of newly-created parking spaces and a central bed of low-maintenance Viburnum davidii and long-flowering Nepeta giving year-round interest, highlighted by the gleaming white stems of multi-stemmed Birches.


Thanks to Heike we have a beautiful well-planned garden, with a mix of formal and informal areas.  From start to finish her professional approach included us in the process, and the selection of flora produced an unsurpassable array of colour and aroma.

Elizabeth H.