Jessica P


The client is a young professional lady and did not know much about plants, but wanted an oasis of calm with low maintenance planting. The plot was a typical tiny London backyard in Shepherds Bush with no direct access to the road. Any materials would have to be transported up one flight of steps through the flat and down again at the back. Added to this the surface of the 'garden' consisted mainly of tarmac.

Design Solution

The fact that everything had to be transported through the flat and that the tarmac had to remain was the inspiration for the wooden deck, laid diagonally to distract the eye away from the box-like plot. Small planting pockets were created around the periphery of the deck. The fence was painted light blue/grey and an old window frame was adapted as a mirror and hung in the centre of the back fence with wisteria planted around it. In time this will surround the mirrored window, creating interesting glimpses from every direction. There was even room for a small shed, also painted blue and a small water feature. An old trough was painted with silvery Hammerite paint and planted with a red climbing rose, which provides a degree of privacy for the owner from the gaze of close-by neighbours.


The garden was built and transformed while I was away on holiday. I was slightly apprehensive as to what I would find on my return home. I need not have worried; Heike and her team created my dream garden, where I could relax and unwind and even tend to a few plants which I enjoy. I have received many compliments from my neighbours who said they were 'green with envy' that such a small space could be so stylishly transformed into a green oasis.

Jessica P