Lee W.


Planning Conditions required plans to be submitted for the lay-out design and detailed planting. Some 3 years later the client contacted us as he needed help with changing the planting in the main border. This had been planted up by the client's own contractor, who did not follow the original planting plan. The contractor planted far too many phormiums and other unsuitable shrubs and conifers into soil that had not been properly prepared and ameliorated following compaction with heavy machinery.

Design Solution

The first step was to prepare a vegetation survey, listing every plant that had to be removed, transplanted or was to be retained. Only then could we begin to work new colourful plants into the remainder of the border. We imported tons of well-rotted farmyard manure and lots of sharp sand and incorporated this into the existing border, around key planting to be retained. The border is now brimming with colour for most of the year and we have turned our attention to other areas in this garden to be improved.


I first contacted Heike in 2004, as I needed to provide a detailed layout proposal and a Planting plan for the Planning Department in my local Council. She has handled and fulfilled the Planning Obligations for my own newly-built property and some of my commercial properties in London to my full satisfaction.

I contacted Heike again some years later, as I was not happy with the way my own garden had been executed by a contractor I trusted. I asked Heike to sort out the large back border which had been planted contrary to her original planting plan. This she has done and we are now well on the way to achieve the garden I envisaged in the first place. It has taken a long time and plenty of hard work, but we are almost there.

I have no hesitation whatsoever to recommend her services to anyone. She has proved to be an imaginative and practical designer with a flair for plants and certainly knows her stuff.

Lee W