Margaret and Brian P.


The clients love their small garden and are very knowledgeable about plants, but over the years the garden had become overgrown and untidy. Also health reasons dictated a different approach to gardening. An arch already on site was to be re-used if possible. The client also wanted a water feature of some sort and the grass was surplus to requirement. To one side a huge Sycamore tree in the neighbour's garden dispensed too much shade and at the back large conifers (in another neighbour's garden) drew moisture and nutrients out of the soil. The garden was surrounded on two sides by a 1.8m high brick wall and on one side by a dilapidated wooden fence.

Design Solution

The grass was replaced with paving slabs and small-scale clay setts and the whole design turned to 30 degrees. This draws the eye away from the square shape of the plot. The beds were raised and built of pressure-treated softwood sleepers, stained a gentle brown. The height of the beds enables gardening whilst sitting down. A water feature in the shape of a short rill was incorporated into the sleeper beds, the water falling into the basin at ground level via a chute. After one of the clients' small dogs fell into the basin, a metal grid was made to just below the water level and covered with cobbles/pebbles (the dog was fine!) The Arch was placed over the source of the rill and a full-length mirror screwed to the back. This makes the rill look longer than it really is. Finally the tri-angular beds were planted up in pink, white, silver and purple colours.


We called for Heike's help with our overgrown and muddled garden. We are very pleased with the result, as she has delivered exactly what we had in mind.  We have ended up with an enjoyable outside space, the old lawn, thankfully, has gone and been replaced with imaginative paving and the raised beds have made it easy to access the plants for weeding. The planting palette is extremely pleasing, incorporating all our favourite colours. On hot days the water feature provides a gentle background of trickling water, although we have had to restrain our small dogs from using it as a swimming pool. We have no hesitation in recommending Heike and would definitely use her again.

Brian and Margaret P.